This project is aimed at those who are looking for new solutions, new concepts and new methods in order to achieve success, happiness and prosperity in life 


We live in a world that seems to focus on penury and lack and yet, in truth, we live in the universe of abundance. There is no penury, no lack, there is more than enough of food, money, happiness, spiritual florescence and love for everyone


The supreme logic of the universe is abundance without limits. Every human being on this earth is born to live in abundance and love. All human beings are an expression of the same universal law which is love, joy and prosperity. What prevents us to accept this gift of the universe and enjoy it? Why there is such a difference of 'chances' in our world created by our societies? Who imposes to us our imaginary 'reality' and our imaginary limitations? And why should we accept it as our reality and our limitations if they are only imagination of others?


I invite you to enjoy this gift of the universe to develop your talents and use the power of  your 6th sense in order to create your reality as you desire


My project is based on the universal methods proved by the extraordinary personalities from 20-21st centuries worldwide


The purpose of this project is to reconnect you to the inexhaustible source of universal energy and rediscover yourself as creator and master of your own life, beyond the pressure of everyday life, live fully in the creation of the present moment, unconditionally and without delay, discover the miracle of life, success and prosperity without limits


Violin is an instrument with a soul and a voice close to the human voice. It guides us to the universal source of our soul. In life, the harmony between the soul and the body would not be possible if the connection with the source was broken


Meditation with the soul of the violin leads us to the core of our being of the inner peace with the universal sources of life such as joy, love, trust, hope, faith and creativity


The themes:


1. The Universal Laws

2. Reality, world, stress and fear

3. Health, frequencies and healing vibrations

4. Money 

5. Joy and happiness

6. Love